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By joining our community as a member, you hereby agree and understand to all of the following terms:

Copyright Notice

All video content and articles on this site are © copyright and must not be duplicated in any form without our written permission.  All rights reserved.  Copyright and Trademark infringement will result in permanent banning and MxInstaller will execute its right to publicly expose to the global community any individual/s who commit plagiarism, "acts of bad faith" or "passing off".

All members who register and participate in the MxInstaller Community agree by default to abide by these rules. Members who do not abide by our terms rules may find their account suspended or banned.

Be Friendly
No swearing, trolling, attacking, insulting or using offensive terms.
Obey the Law
No defamatory or illegal discussions are to be entered into whatsoever.
No Spam
Selling or advertising in the forums is spam and will be deleted.







Forum Rules

  • No posting of personal/business contact details
  • No swearing, insults or personal attacks
  • No trolling - deliberately provoking or going off topic
  • No discussion about illegal activities, inappropriate or pirated material
  • No self promoting of business services
  • No “For Sale”, “Wanted to Buy” or “Services Offered”
  • No posting contacts details, referrals or advertising or self promoting your wares
  • No crossposting or forum spamming
  • No defamatory comments
  • No circular arguments or pointless debating

Posting Etiquette

  • Before posting a question, do a forum search to see if it has already been answered.
  • Give your threads meaningful titles so that the right people can find your post and help you.
  • Stay on topic and only post comments that add value to the discussion.
  • Do not retaliate to personal attacks, use the Red Flag process and let the moderators take care of it.
  • Posting product issues should be done with the intent to find a resolve - provide the facts and don’t rant.

Defamation of Character

What is defamation?

Post responsibly and think before commenting. Are you bringing a person’s character or reputation into question? Be aware that if you personally attack someone in the forum it may come back to haunt you later. Hiding behind a pseudonym (assumed user name) online may not protect you if being sued for defamation. Individual’s real identities have been successfully revealed by court order and the individual sued for posting “anonymous” attacks on other persons. See reference article

If you feel someone has posted inappropriate or defamatory comments about you, let us know immediately. We are more than willing to review requests regarding the removal of posts or threads that break the forum rules.

To notify us of anything defamatory, click the Red Flag next to the relevant post and select “Personal Attack”, explaining in the comments field why you believe the post is defamatory. Our moderators will review the post, and remove this if it breaches our Discussion rules.

Personal Attacks

Remember not everyone in the forums is going to agree with all of your opinions - that’s life! All we ask is that you keep-the-peace and respond to criticism or disagreements intelligently and politely. Retaliation through name calling and insults is the least effective way to get your point across.  

The most effective way to turn your critics into raving fans, boost your reputation and win supporting comments from others in the community, is through posting well thought out, intelligent responses that politely and respectfully present your view of the matter discussed. Always provide evidence to support your viewpoint where ever possible.

Disrespecting an individual in any way, such as their religion, race, culture, beliefs, gender, sexual preference / orientation, age, body shape, nose size etc is classified as a personal attack - so don’t do it.

Consider your words carefully - how will they impact others? Will there be legal consequences for what I am about to post? Remember there are many using the Discussion forums who know the real name of the person behind their forum user ID. As the one posting the comment you must take responsibliity for what you communicate in the forums, particularly so if you find yourself as the defendant in a defamation case.

Make sure you focus your comments on the topic rather than the person. Any form of communication that disrespects or provokes another member, such as “luddite”, “fool”, “gay”, “fanboy”, “loser”, “that is a stupid thing to say” etc will be moderated as a personal attack, and penalties may be applied.

Please don’t retaliate or be drawn into someone else’s argument! If you observe or receive a personal attack you should click the Red Flag on the relevant thread post and select “Personal Attack”. Our moderators will review the post, and if it breaches our rules, the post will be removed and the offending user will be dealt with.
Ranking points will be deducted in cases of personal attacks (See Charisma Ranking System).


A “troll” is defined as someone who:

  • disrupts the peace and harmony of a forum.
  • incites others to an emotional response through personal attacks.
  • repetitively complains about a particular company, brand or product.
  • is deliberately argumentative.

If our moderators believe a post disrupts the flow of communication, then this will be classified as trolling and dealt with accordingly. The offending post will be deleted and the “troll” will be given a first warning via a personal message - if they persist then they may be suspended from using the Discussion forums for a defined time, and a point penalty will occur.

Posts relating to issues about products or services must not be used as a deliberate attempt to promote a competing product or be accompanied with personal attacks on the company or it’s staff.

The Discussions forums are a place for exchanging useful information and finding answers. They are not a place for venting or “complaining just for the sake of complaining”.


Inappropriate language that may cause offence, such as swearing will not be tolerated. Any posts containing replacement swear words such as “Fsck” will be deleted, and suspension of account may result.

A forum member user name comprised of an offensive word or acronym will result in that user account being deleted.

Trading/ Solicitation

Creating threads, or making comments that promote your business is unacceptable. Buying, selling, bartering, quoting, trading and offering services are forbidden in the forums.

You may provide an overview of the product and service you offer in your User Profile page including links. Pricing may not be listed anywhere on the MxInstaller site. Free giveaways are allowed only with the approval of MxInstaller. Forum members that have been allocated a vendor tag may respond to legitimate threads regarding their products or services. You may only add phone numbers or email address within your User Profile page.

If you would like to obtain a vendor tag, please contact MxInstaller via the contact link on the site home page. Note - only manufacturers of hardware or software can qualify for vendor tags.


The following policy does not apply to forum members who have a vendor tag.
Using the Discussion forums for self promotion is prohibited.

The only time linking to another site may be considered acceptable, is when used for the purpose of technical help. You may only add phone numbers or email address within your User Profile page.If you would like to obtain a vendor tag, please contact MxInstaller via the contact link on the site home page.


Comments that are not related to the main topic of the thread will be removed. Comments criticizing another’s spelling mistakes or bad grammar will be removed. Comments that hijack the thread, to deliberately throw the discussion off topic, shows poor netiquette and will be removed.

Your comments should be a useful contribution, not a waste of forum space that others have to clean up.

Circular Arguments/Pointless Debating

Circular arguments are based on opinion rather than solid evidence, usually leading to a pointless debate.
Pointless debating about any subject will be closed. Debating and arguing about a topic that can never be proven on any subject is counter productive.

The forums are not to be used as a place for attacking or defending religious, political or any other beliefs or point of view. Such discussions tend to be more about “stone throwing” than a healthy exchange for the mutual benefit of all.

Illegal Content

Discussion around anything illegal or offensive is absolutely prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, pirated software, music, movies obtained via Bit Torrent or any other means.

Any reference or advice on how to obtain anything which equates to evading or breaking the law, copyright infringement or theft will be deleted and the poster’s member account permanently closed.

Quoting Material & Plagiarism

Plagiarism is duplicating material written by someone else, and posting it without crediting the source, or claiming it as your own work.

When using or quoting material from anywhere, you must credit the source by including the URL and/or reference to where the story came from.

Over quoting from an article, could breach international copyright laws. If you wish to reference an article or news post, please include a link to the article, quoting one or two lines from the source.

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