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What is Video Management Software?

Video Management Software (VMS) brings intelligence and decision making to a surveillance system. Without it, the system would be inefficient and very difficult to manage.

For the most part, when examining all the VMS products on the market - the level of functionality is determined by price.  The more you spend the more you get.

However in saying that, not all systems require licensed Video Management Software...

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Video Surveillance System Buyer’s Guide

Most of the online security camera buyer’s guides recommend buyers give first consideration to cameras and recording hardware/software - but this advice is outdated. It's outdated because it's based on the flawed premise that all security cameras require licensed video management software (VMS). It’s no wonder that most buyers unwittingly skip over the first and most important buying decision.

What is the most important buying decision? Before we answer that, first let's consider a very common buying scenario:

John is commissioned to source a surveillance system that best fits the requirements of his company. John is no expert in the area of video surveillance, so he starts researching online, reading expert opinions and whitepapers, finding they all recommend the same buying strategy. Which is to “first consider cameras and recording software”.

So on the back of that advice, he evaluates products, narrows his needs down to a few options and proceeds with price negotiation between suppliers of varying brands. He finally obtains a comparatively low price and places an order for cameras, VMS software and a server (or servers). In doing so, John has just committed the most common buying mistake.
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