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QCam Pro iPhone app tutorial

We've been swamped with enquiries and questions since we posted our review of QCam Pro, so we decided to upload a video tutorial explaining how to setup and configure this shiny new iOS app for MOBOTIX cameras.

The thing that's most interesting to installers is the ability in QCam Pro to re-brand the interface and resell the hosted notification service.

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QCam Pro: an iOS app for MOBOTIX cameras

Being able to use an iPhone/iPad to access and interact with your surveillance system is, like anything "mobile", hot right now.  To meet the growing demand for mobile-to-IP camera access, there are literally dozens of iOS apps for "ip cameras" in the iTunes store, with new products being uploaded every month.  MxInstaller has tested quite a few and found all of them severely lacking when it comes to leveraging the important functions in the MOBOTIX camera.

Software developer QIMS recently announced their latest release of QCam Pro.

Note: While Qcam Pro is missing many of the more advanced features available within the latest MOBOTIX App for iOS devices,  it is certainly a reasonable option for Android users.

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