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How To Playback MxPEG Sequences Using a Web Browser

Search and playback within video sequences recorded by a MOBOTIX camera, can be accessed directly from any standard storage device, using a free-of-charge viewing client - without the need for a central NVR. You can read more on the subject of direct viewing access from storage here.

VMS in the MOBOTIX camera even allows powerful DVR-style event searching using a web browser.  Geing universally available from any computer, web browsers are commonly used as a viewing client.   In this tutorial we provide a quick guide on how to playback recorded MxPEG sequences using a web browser.

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Australian Magpie Demonstrates The Power Of MxPEG

During the recording of a video tutorial, we captured a Magpie, (bird native to Australia) in flight. It swooped in an upward arc right in front of an M24 IP camera we had setup outside the office window. It flashed past in less than a second - it was super quick! In fact when the video was played back for the first time, we almost missed it.

What was interesting is how the MOBOTIX camera was able to capture such a fast moving object, without blurring. Because the camera was set to record using the MxPEG compression, frame-by-frame playback was possible, and every single image had retained its integrity. Each of the bird’s movements have been captured in very high detail!

If we had recorded the event using a H.264 IP camera, the results would be very different. There would have been movement blur in the still images. It’s a little known fact, that with H.264 – what you gain in bandwidth savings, you lose in image integrity.

This is important to understand.
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