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MxFFS Archive Storage – FAQs answered

MxFFS Archive is a recording failover feature, ensuring the MOBOTIX cameras can provide 24/7 recording uptime with no loss of footage.

When MxFFS Archive has been enabled in the camera, the video is written to the camera's internal SD card and then archived to the file server (e.g. PC/Server, NAS). If connection to the external server is lost, the recordings are saved to the SD card.

When reconnection to the file server is made, the video stored on the SD card is archived to the file server.

Here at MxInstaller we've received a raft of questions
 from end users and installers about MxFFS Archive, which we answer in this tutorial.
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What is MxFFS?

IP camera vendors are getting bad press for the high failure rate with SD card recording. Camera manufacturers are saying the problem is related to the wrong choice of card - however there is more to the story.

Certainly choosing the right SD card for example is a good start, however the main problem is that most vendors are using off-the-shelf file systems (e.g. ext4) for managing the in-camera SD card recording.  However these are not been designed for SD card recording and one of major causes of data corruption in IP video SD card recording.

MOBOTIX is the only IP camera vendor that has developed a file format system (MxFFS) that is purposely designed for SD card recording in all conditions.

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Preventing database errors with MxFFS Archive Storage

Recording database corruption isn't exactly an attention grabber except when it brings your surveillance system to a grinding halt. A mussed up database renders a system totally unusable until repaired - if it can be repaired at all.

How often do database problems occur?  More often than most will admit and the subject, if mentioned at all, is buried deep inside a software user manual.  The number one cause of a compromised database is an NVR that has been abruptly shutdown through power failure or user intervention.

With the introduction of MxFFS Archive Storage, MOBOTIX is addressing this issue head on by making the camera's internal microSD card, rather than the central recording device, the primary storage target.  This is a profound and efficient way to resolve an issue that has plagued security camera systems for years.

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What is MxFFS Archive Storage?

In the latest MOBOTIX camera software update a more efficient version of MxFFS Archive Storage was released.

This new recording feature, still in beta, sounds like a mouthful but is aptly named because it combines archive storage technology with the "MOBOTIX Flash File System" (see MxFFS) which is MOBOTIX own proprietary file system.

Put the two technologies together and you get MxFFS Archive Storage.

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