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MxControlCenter – why we think you should upgrade!

The new update for MxControlCenter, version, is not the biggest release we've seen from MOBOTIX but it brings to the table some important enhancements that will delight MxCC users.

New improvements include - faster dual video streaming display, improved integration for 6 megapixel viewing, better image correction and stored display mode for flexible customized viewing.

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Is VMS Licensing Too Expensive?

Some may be unfamiliar with technologies unique to MOBOTIX such as "hemispheric video", "decentralized recording" and "MxPEG", but everyone understands what "no software licensing" means.

In fact, this is attracting a stream of newcomers to the MOBOTIX community, who are tired of constantly shelling out thousands of dollars to VMS vendors for the right to record and playback video.

In an interview with MxInstaller (see interview below), Craig Shipway of Vast Security expressed his distaste at being charged to connect cameras to a system that has already been paid for, "...you own the computer, you've bought the software, you've bought the cameras, then you've got to pay a fee to use the stuff you already own."

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MxControlCenter – The Top Six Features

MxControlCenter is an advanced viewing client that gives users full access to the VMS functions in the MOBOTIX cameras.  Since renaming MxViewer to MxControlCenter back in 2007, MOBOTIX has issued 12 versions.

The latest version of MxControlCenter is in our opinion, the best and in many ways the most important release to date.

Here's what we think are the six top feature enhancements in this latest release:

1. Predefined Event Searches Event searching has been taken to a completely new level, enabling users to filter video searches using multiple parameters - by video devices, event types and times.  These can selected from within the new properties panel than sits snugly above the Search Results display window.  Search results can be displayed in ascending or descending order according to date, camera location, event type.   Read More

MxControlCenter – how to download and install

This tutorial has been updated...you can watch it here >>

MxControlCenter is a feature-rich viewing client that enables you to leverage all the VMS and recording functions built into the MOBOTIX camera.

This free of charge application is ideal for installations of any size - from small single site systems, right up to multi-site systems with hundreds of cameras.  In this tutorial we will show you how to download and install MxControlCenter.

Here's a quick run-down on the key features:
- no licensing fees
- free of charge upgrades
- unlimited viewing layouts
- unlimited camera and storage device management
- multi-site, multi-user profiles
- setup individual system permissions for user
- highly granular event searching
- leverages the video management functions within each and every MOBOTIX camera

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