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6 new Behavioral Alarms in MxAnalytics

MxAnalytics® the MOBOTIX in-camera people counting software has been further enhanced with 6 brand new "behavioral alarm" types.

Real time alerting can now be configured based on varying types of behaviors including speed, change in direction and loitering.

We explain what each alarm triggers does and show you where they're located...

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MOBOTIX releases camera software MX-V4.1.4.11with MxAnalytics and Event Overview

When buying MOBOTIX, the VMS licensing and ongoing software enhancements are provided free of charge.

Take a look at what's on offer in the latest software release - MX-V4.1.4.11, and you will understand how advantageous this is.

Some of the new camera functions available with the upgrade include - heat mapping and object counting with statistical reporting plus enhanced event management plus more...

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