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The 7 Point Checklist For MOBOTIX Video Storage

Most system recording errors are often caused by poor planning and an underspecified storage device.  Giving attention to the right areas when designing the video storage component of a surveillance system will ensure trouble free recording.

In this article we guide you through 7 points that should be considered when planning the recording and storage component of your MOBOTIX system.

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Choosing The Right NAS For Your MOBOTIX System

Did you hear the one about the shop owner who took it upon himself to find a storage device for his MOBOTIX system?  He finally decided upon a D-Link DNS-323, (purchased on ebay for $290), to record megapixel video from 7 MOBOTIX cameras triggering motion detection in a high activity site.  Not surprisingly the NAS instantly became the source of continuous recording errors.  The only way to fix the problem was to pull it out and replace it with a more suitable NAS.

The lesson here is that the decision was based purely on price, without consultation. Which ended up costing the end user more in the short term.

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How to setup a Synology NAS with MOBOTIX cameras

Being able to record directly from an IP camera to a standard NAS, without installing any video management software licensing, is a feature unique to MOBOTIX.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how easy it is to setup a MOBOTIX camera with the well known NAS brand, Synology.  The whole procedure can be performed in a few minutes.

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