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The 7 Point Checklist For MOBOTIX Video Storage

Most system recording errors are often caused by poor planning and an underspecified storage device.  Giving attention to the right areas when designing the video storage component of a surveillance system will ensure trouble free recording.

In this article we guide you through 7 points that should be considered when planning the recording and storage component of your MOBOTIX system.

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How To Setup Camera File Server Path in MxControlCenter

The default setting in a MOBOTIX camera for accessing recorded footage is set to "via the camera".   This setting would be correct when recording to SD in the camera.

However, when recording from a MOBOTIX camera to a storage device on the network, the IP address and the share folder of the storage device should always be entered into the field "camera file server path" within MxControlCenter. This ensures faster search and playback of the recorded footage from within MxControlCenter.

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