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Integrate RS232 and electronic devices with the MOBOTIX MX-232-IO-Box

The MOBOTIX interface boxes connect directly to a MOBOTIX camera, expanding the camera's functionality and open up a wider range of integration opportunities for MOBOTIX systems.

A new addition to the range of MOBOTIX interface boxes is the MX-232-IO-Box. Like the other devices, it can be installed outdoors, and is tolerant to a wide range of environmental conditions.

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How to GPS enable your MOBOTIX camera with the MX-GPS-Box

First we saw the MX-Patchbox released, then the MX-NPA-Box and now MOBOTIX has just released the MX-GPS-Box.  These "boxes" are in fact add-on modules for MOBOTIX cameras, and are designed to expand the level of installation and extend the camera's functionality.

While each module serves a different purpose, the MX-GPS-Box is without a doubt, the flagship product in the module lineup, because it creates unprecedented solutions and sales opportunities.

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