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How most IP cameras record to NAS – and why it’s not a good thing!

Practically every IP video manufacturer claims their IP cameras can "record directly to NAS", which for the most part is true.  Many take it one step further stating their cameras can "record directly to NASwithout recording software." However, is this a viable solution for professional surveillance systems?

Here we consider the marketing claims and the reality behind those claims...

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Selecting The Right Recording Platform

As distributed storage takes on a more dominant role, the future for manufacturers of IP cameras will hinge on their ability to adapt their technologies with the distributed revolution without being overcome by it.

It's hard to believe that analog video has been the mainstay within the security industry. In saying that, the tide is quickly turning with overall price differences between analog and IP camera systems no longer the major hurdle it once was. Now even the staunchest supporters of the analog-to-DVR platform are realising it’s a case of do or die. It’s not been a willing transition, but something of a commercial necessity, with the market now demanding image quality beyond the capabilities of analog cameras.

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MOBOTIX Admin Password and Factory Default Reset Policy

One of the most important steps during the initial phase of a MOBOTIX installation is to change the camera's factory default admin (root) password. This prevents unauthorized access to the camera configuration settings and in-camera recordings. It also protects the end user’s MOBOTIX investment. That is, if someone steals the camera, the only way they can use it is if they send it back to MOBOTIX for a factory password reset, which is charged at a cost of €100 plus tax and shipping.

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How To Use Update Assistant In MxControlCenter

If you are interested in saving time setting up and managing your MOBOTIX system then keep reading...

Be warned, if you haven't started using it as yet, the Update Assistant in MxControlCenter could be your new best friend. It’s definitely worth getting to know because it makes system housekeeping a breeze and can potentially save hours in configuration time.

To launch the Update Assistant go to the Tools dropdown in MxControlCenter and select “Update Assistant”.

Click the Search Camera icon and this will populate the Assistant window with any MOBOTIX cameras connected to the network. The split window displays what version software the cameras are running on the left hand side. On the right sits the “Software Package” section, which displays a list of the latest camera software upgrades available.
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How Effective Are Security Alarms?

These days it almost seems as though you can’t go anywhere without a security device beeping or whooping within earshot. In fact, the once seemingly intrusive sounds have become so commonplace in our daily lives that they’re hardly even acknowledged. It’s not unusual for people to casually walk past an office or home, where a light is flashing and alarm blaring, without a second glance.

Designed as a deterrent to would-be criminals, alarm systems are increasingly being considered a public nuisance. This negative reaction is based on the assumption that the alarm has probably been caused by either a non-critical or noncriminal event - and statistically that would be correct.

Some studies report that over 80% of triggered alarms are related to preventable equipment fault, user error, or anything that is classified as an irrelevant event. The method of attracting public attention to thwart crime simply doesn’t work, according to a study by the New York Police Department, making the ability to identify crime more difficult.
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How About A Security Camera With 2TB Recording Capacity?

Being able to record terabytes of video footage inside an IP camera is not too far away thanks to SDXC technology, which has provision for up to 2TB (2000GB) of storage capacity.

The history of digital storage is not as boring as you might imagine. However even if researching technological advancements is not your thing, the outcome of the extraordinary milestones achieved in the last 50 odd years is interesting to everyone, as it means we are getting a lot more for a lot less. Consider that hard drives have gone from costing $10,000 per megabyte to only a few cents.

As a result the proposed issue of bandwidth and storage consumption raised by those who are not so enthusiastic about megapixel cameras, is fast becoming a dead issue. Not only because storage is getting cheaper, we are going to see quantum leaps in both device capacities and miniaturization over the next two years.

Consider this - in 1956 IBM shipped it’s RAMAC 305 system with a 5-megabyte hard drive for a total cost of $50,000. Fast forward to 1980, Seagate offers the ST506, a 5-megabyte hard drive for $1500, which was then considered unbelievable value.
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DVR Enable Your IP Camera Using Internet Explorer

Have you ever accessed an IP camera using a web browser? It's not all that eventful. You can view live video streams from the camera and navigate menu settings. Apart from that, there's not a lot else.

It's a different altogether story with a MOBOTIX camera.

Because MOBOTIX install recording software in their cameras, you don’t need a VMS application to perform DVR style search and playback. All the typical navigation icons you would expect in a DVR console such as find-event, pause, next-event, previous-event, fast-forward, re-wind etc can all be done via a web browser. If you're not familiar with security camera technology - let it be stated for the record, that's very unique!

It doesn’t matter whether the recorded footage is located in the camera or an external storage device, the camera handles the video access management.
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