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Shedding Some Light On The Torch

The “Torch” is a 3-megapixel IP camera (MOBOTIX), a rechargeable battery and wireless communication gear housed together in a sturdy weatherproof enclosure.  It’s 3G/2G ready, if wireless connection is required.

So what does that all mean in layman’s terms?  It’s extremely mobile.

If the battery is charged up, you simply switch the Torch on, pick it up by its handle and carry it around and someone with password access, locally or on the other side of the world, can view the images live from a laptop or smart phone.  The internal SD card provides on-board storage, while the video can be streamed wirelessly.

Feedback we’ve received from several MOBOTIX partners is that the Torch works extremely well and is creating new opportunities into existing sites. It certainly impressed us when it was demonstrated at the MOBOTIX international partner conference in November 2009.
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Sysnet: Integrates Point of Sale With IP Cameras

A powerful point of sale (POS) application that has been specifically designed to work with the MOBOTIX IP camera system.

Sysnet debuted in Australia at the Security Show in 2008. Since then there have been major developments within the product and it's really starting to make some ground in the US, Canada and Australia.

Sysnet enables pre-defined POS transactions (e.g. no cash sale, refunds etc) to initiate video recording from a MOBOTIX IP camera capturing what occurred at the cash register during the transaction.  When the transaction is finished the recording stops.

The data generated by key strokes at the POS terminal are embedded onto the recorded footage.  From the POS terminal, users can audit (search) transactions by type. By right clicking on a specific transaction, and selecting "Play Camera Event" the video for that transaction plays back instantly. Auditing can be based on many parameters such as time/date, product type, transaction type.
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