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Success Series: How a Locksmith expanded into IP video and built a thriving business

How does a small business owner successfully revitalize his business by going from locksmithing to installing megapixel IP video systems?

We interview Andrew Bullman of ELK Security to find out how he's been able to transform his entire operation and go on to win a stream of highly profitable projects and still find time to indulge his passion for surfing!!

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How To Sell High-Res IP Camera Systems

The global shift from DVR to IP camera systems has generated a fast growing, lucrative market that is attracting a lot of newcomers wanting a piece of the action. Companies of varying disciplines now entering the sphere of surveillance include - IT integrators, network installers, electricians, cablers. While some of these recent entrants are making a very good living out of their new business venture, others are not and often end up back to screwing in light switches, laying cables or trouble-shooting networks.

This article is designed as a quick start sales guide for beginners wanting to establish a business selling IP video systems.
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