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HDTV and High Quality Are Not The Same Thing

A video surveillance system is only viable if it can provide positive ID of people and events. Low bit rate and high recording frame rates , in most cases, are not key to achieving this, but high quality video is.

Having high quality images within the video stream is extremely important as these are required during playback for positive ID.

Extraction of high quality stills is key, especially in frames where motion and changes have occurred.

The question is - do HDTV IP cameras meet this requirement?

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What you should know about HDTV IP cameras

Manufacturer’s websites and literature are plastered with references to “HDTV”. When it comes to High Definition, how does the technology compare with megapixel IP cameras?

When it comes to video, everyone wants the best resolution available. The HDTV phenomenon is a case in point. Offering higher resolution than SD (SD = Standard Definition - the resolution that your old TV used to display), plus wider viewing that gives a movie theatre look on a wide screen TV. HD has become so popular that Bluray (HD) movies titles are outselling DVD (SD).

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