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IP Cameras That Can Record Direct To Storage

Last month a US-based manufacturer laid claim to producing "...the world's first line of cameras to record to storage".   The press release on the vendor's site was edited soon after, with "world's first" changed to "their first line of cameras to record to storage".

The initial press release certainly took many in the MOBOTIX community by surprise.  In fact it's been 10 years since MOBOTIX invented the "decentralized recording" concept, and produced the world's first IP camera that could record direct to storage.
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Selecting The Right Recording Platform

As distributed storage takes on a more dominant role, the future for manufacturers of IP cameras will hinge on their ability to adapt their technologies with the distributed revolution without being overcome by it.

It's hard to believe that analog video has been the mainstay within the security industry. In saying that, the tide is quickly turning with overall price differences between analog and IP camera systems no longer the major hurdle it once was. Now even the staunchest supporters of the analog-to-DVR platform are realising it’s a case of do or die. It’s not been a willing transition, but something of a commercial necessity, with the market now demanding image quality beyond the capabilities of analog cameras.

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