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DVR Enable Your IP Camera Using Internet Explorer

Have you ever accessed an IP camera using a web browser? It's not all that eventful. You can view live video streams from the camera and navigate menu settings. Apart from that, there's not a lot else.

It's a different altogether story with a MOBOTIX camera.

Because MOBOTIX install recording software in their cameras, you don’t need a VMS application to perform DVR style search and playback. All the typical navigation icons you would expect in a DVR console such as find-event, pause, next-event, previous-event, fast-forward, re-wind etc can all be done via a web browser. If you're not familiar with security camera technology - let it be stated for the record, that's very unique!

It doesn’t matter whether the recorded footage is located in the camera or an external storage device, the camera handles the video access management.
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Red Herrings Commonly Used To Debunk IP Cameras

Red Herring arguments are a diversionary tactic. The idea being to raise an unrelated or unsubstantiated issue to keep the audience’s attention away from the main point. It’s a tactic commonly used by proponents of DVR technologies, in an attempt to undermine high resolution IP camera technology.

red herring
1. A dried herring having a reddish color
2. Something that draws attention away from the truth or main issue.
origin. hunters dragged smoked red herrings across the path of the fox to distract the hounds from the fox’s trail.

An example of a Red Herring commonly used:
“An IP camera system is not as reliable as a DVR because if the Internet goes down, so do your cameras. But a DVR does not need an Internet connection, that means you always have your master recording onsite.”
(Note: you can see a cringeworthy example of this very same Red Herring being used by an online presenter here.)
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CCTV vs. IP surveillance

It seems almost absurd when you consider that the camera in a standard cell phone is capable of delivering  better image quality than even the most advanced CCTV or DVR video surveillance system.

In fact, most of the already installed analog CCTV camera systems do not provide sufficient detail to  enable verification of events.

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