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How to setup for License Plate Recognition with MOBOTIX (ANPR Guide version 1)

In this latest guide, we outline best practice for configuring a MOBOTIX camera to capture images for the purpose of License Plate Recognition (aka LPR or ANPR).

We take you through the entire setup process including:
- camera angles
- lens selection
- night applications (IR lighting)
- frame rates
- correct camera settings for ANPR/LPR
- and more...

This is an all-in-one document is designed primarily for first time installers

Correct application of the steps outlined will ensure the camera will capture the highest quality images for greater Optical Character Recognition (OCR) accuracy.

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ANPRonline.net: cloud-based number plate recognition for MOBOTIX cameras

ANPRonline.net™ has developed a fully automated number plate recognition solution that is hosted online, which means you don't have to pay for an onsite server - all you need is a MOBOTIX camera with an Internet connection.  Yes, that's right, the software is primarily designed around the MOBOTIX platform and takes advantage of the MxPEG codec! After 12 months of building and testing, ANPRonline.net™ has declared their hosted service is now available for systems installers to resell.

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