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Alarm monitoring vs. Video monitoring – which is best?

It’s staggering the number of alarm monitoring services out there promising 24/7 police, fire and medical assistance from as little as $10.00 per month. As the saying goes if something sounds too good to be true – well, it usually is. In reality most alarm monitoring services are not able to deliver on the entire range of emergency services promised or "guaranteed" response times. Here we discuss why that’s the case and examine the two main types of monitoring services available…

Alarm Monitoring
The whole point of paying for an alarm monitoring service is to prevent someone from damaging or stealing your property - to catch the perpetrator in the act. But can a monitoring service do that? Let’s consider what actually happens when an alarm has been received into a control room.
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How To Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Control Room

Being informed of an important event while you are away from your premises is ideal but it's something that most surveillance systems aren't setup for - either due to cost or lack of functionality.

MOBOTIX cameras include a notification system that routes meaningful messages, text or voice-based, on predefined ‘alarm events’ or ‘system errors’. During the notification process the camera phones the appropriate person, or persons, identifies itself and clearly specifies the event or error that has just occurred, based on pre-recorded event-based messages.

An “event” would be a trigger setup via the camera’s event arming options, such as directional motion detection or hardwire contact input triggered by maybe a door or window opening in a critical area, or a piece of machinery that has stopped working.
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