Understanding and using Multi-Stream Transport (MST)

With the launch of DisplayPort 1.2 multiple monitors can be connected (daisy chained) via a single DisplayPort connector.

The technology that actually enables this is called Multi-Stream Transport (MST).

The advantage to using MST is that it's convenient and lowers the overall  cost of installing multi-display systems.

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MOBOTIX Software Update MX-V4.3.4.83

This new software update has been touted as "unified" by MOBOTIX in part because it applies to all 24/14/25/15-series cameras fitted with the PXA 320 (P3) processor.

As with all software releases, MX-V4.3.4.83 is available directly through the MOBOTIX software downloads area.

The upgrade includes extended pre-alarm recording times, expanded optical options for dual lens Thermal devices and more...

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DisplayPort vs. HDMI – which is best for multi-monitor display?

Which interface standard is best for displaying dozens of camera streams to several monitors from the one computer?

Since 2011 vendors such as Intel, AMD, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LG have gradually phased out VGA and DVI so the choice has been whittled down to two options - HDMI and DisplayPort.

Both are well known and extremely well supported. We consider what each of the two interfaces offer and how they compare.

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How to setup a video wall in MxManagementCenter

In MxManagementCenter you can setup a Grid Layout view over as many display monitors as the computer can support.

MxMC will automatically detect all of the monitors connected to your PC or Mac and then allow you to organize your layouts accordingly.

You can display grid views, graphical maps and hot spot monitors in any combination.

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How to temporarily disable MOBOTIX alarming and recording with Privacy Mode

Being able to temporarily disable system alarming is useful for a number of reasons.

For example a site owner may want to quickly disable the system if they've verified an alarm has been caused by cleaning or maintenance crews who have arrived onsite outside of scheduled hours.

Alternatively a home owner may wish to switch off the video recording when at home with the family.

If you have admin rights you can do this remotely or locally using MxManagementCenter and MxApp.

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HGST release world’s first 10TB hard drive

Western Digital's HGST division announced it will soon be releasing the Ultrastar He10 being the world's first 10TB drive.

Presumably the drive is being pitched against Seagate’s 8TB equivalent, which was a world-first in terms of capacity back in 2014.

Being enterprise-class the drive could be an interesting option for installers of medium-large scale systems. 

There is no official pricing on the 10TB at this stage, however the current Ultrastar He8 (8TB) drive can be had for around USD$550.

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MxManagementCenter v.1.1.0 – what’s new? (video update)

MxManagementCenter v.1.10 arrived on the 20 September as a refined version of its predecessor v1.0.

Since  then we've received a raft of questions so we have put together a 7-minute video tutorial to provide more detail.

By the way, if you haven't upgraded to version 1.1.0 as yet you're missing out on improvements such as faster searching and playback...  Read More