Disabling Auto Updates in Windows 10.

By default Microsoft has made automatic updates in Windows 10 compulsory which can create unexpected problems in a surveillance system.

While auto updates include important security fixes they also include additional features which sometimes cause problems with third party applications and system drivers.

In this article we show you how to re-configure Windows so you get to decide when the updates are installed to prevent potential conflicts from occurring.

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MxManagementCenter: How To Export Video From a Single Camera

This is a follow on from a previous tutorial How To Export Video From Multiple Cameras.

The video export process is very easy, once you know how.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to quickly execute video exporting from a single camera.
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MxManagementCenter: How To Export Video From Multiple Cameras

MxManagementCenter provides a more enhanced means of managing recorded sequences.

Here we'll show you how to export video from multiple cameras.

Please note for accurate time based export you need to ensure that the cameras on the system are time synchronized.
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Moonlight Technology – explained in greater depth.

While we have already touched on the subject of Moonlight Technology, in this article we delve into MOBOTIX' latest imaging platform in more detail.

Because the Moonlight Technology is one of the marquee upgrades to the most recent range of camera devices, we've decided to expand further on the subject shedding more light on what it is and why as an upgrade it's worth considering.

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Sharing video footage with non-technical clients

How do you enable customers to quickly playback recorded footage if they can't use the system or don't have access to it?

In this tutorial we will show you a very simple workflow that many experienced installers use, enabling even the most technically challenged person to playback MxPEG sequences from anywhere - instantly.

This method is especially useful for handing over footage to the authorities...

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MxInstaller MiQuote app launched

MxInstaller MiQuote lets you select and configure MOBOTIX devices, add them to cart, then export in a ready-to-quote format using your smart phone or tablet!

Save 75% of the time you would normally spend searching, configuring and obtaining quotes on MOBOTIX devices.

This user friendly app is available for iPhone, iPad and soon to be released for Android.

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MOBOTIX MxManagementCenter 1.1.1 – new features

Last week MOBOTIX announced yet another update, MxManagementCenter 1.1.1, (please proceed with caution before implementing this software into a live site).

In this newest release MOBOTIX has included cool features that improve - video exporting, vPTZ mode and alarm notification display.

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