Using the “Sensor” feature in MxManagementCenter

The MOBOTIX management software MxManagementCenter has a "Sensor" feature that enables video from dual lens cameras (e.g. D15/M15) to be displayed as a two-in-one stream or as two individual video streams.

This allows you to be more granular in the way you display video as individual lenses within a dual lens device can be placed in different grid layout views.

"Sensor" is found with the MxMC Camera Management panel. Let's take a look at how to configure the Sensor feature.

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MxManagementCenter: how to access and configure the basic camera settings

This tutorial is designed to address FAQs we've received regarding "how to configure basic settings" using MxManagementCenter.

Most of the commonly used settings are conveniently placed within the Camera management panel. Here we will show you how to find and use this important interface.

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Resolving S15D and M15D Sensor Connection Issues

If you have connected one or two sensor modules to your MOBOTIX device but have trouble retrieving images on the live display don't worry the problem is usually quite easy to resolve.

In this tutorial we will go through the process of trouble shooting sensor module connection errors relating to the S15D and M15D.

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Manage bandwidth and CPU usage with “LoRes”

Displaying many cameras at the same time within a single grid or multi-monitor layout can be resource intensive especially if you have dozens of simultaneous video streams being transmitted over the network.

Here we are going to show you a quick way to stream many cameras in a Live display without needing to use expensive graphics card while cutting bandwidth usage by less than half.

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Setup “Intrusion Detection” against brute force attacks.

If you want to define how a MOBOTIX camera automatically blocks or notifies you of brute force attacks or failed attempts to access the camera, then the feature you’re looking for is called Intrusion Detection.

Brute force attacks are commonly used as an effective means to hack IP cameras. In a brute force attack, automated software is used to generate a huge number of consecutive guesses as to the value of the cameras's login. 

While each MOBOTIX cameras already has triple layer password protection against hacking, Intrusion Detection is another layer of protection that offers hacking notification.

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Understanding the “decentralized” system

The subject of "decentralized" surveillance systems has been covered at various times by MxInstaller but we still get a lot of questions around this subject from new users.

In this article we break the decentralized concept down in a more simplified way to help new comers understand the basic concepts as to the difference between - centralized and decentralized systems.

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Setting up the Recording Path in MxManagementCenter

If you are going to setup your cameras to record to a central PC or NAS, you should configure the Recording Path in MxManagementCenter.

Doing so gives MxMC direct access to the recordings located on the central storage device, rather than having to access the recordings via the camera.

This in turn enables faster searching and playback times between the central storage device and the MxMC client.

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