IP Camera Recording: using 200GB microSD cards

We've been benchtesting two brands of 200GB microSD cards over the last 4 months with fantastic results. Hoewver please note that these cards should only be used for indoor installations.

Both the Sandisk Ultra and Lexar 633x microSD cards have been rock solid in performance and reliability.

In this video tutorial we outline our test results including how many months storage you can expect and also provide general advice on when to use (and when not to use) these high capacity cards.  Read More

How to fix SD card “authentication errors”

If your MOBOTIX camera shows an "authentication error" while attempting to format a microSD card to MxFFS, in most cases the problem can be easily fixed.

However if you have inadvertently installed a counterfeit or fake card then the only solution is to replace it with an authentic card.

In saying that, almost all other causes of "authentication" errors can be quickly resolved and we are going to show you how...

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MOBOTIX Indoor Cameras

With four cameras in it's Indoor range MOBOTIX now has a solution for every indoor surveillance situation.

These lower priced devices include all the advanced imaging components and advanced software features that are available with the premium-grade outdoor range.

In this article we highlight the unique set of strengths within each indoor device and what you should know about when specifying a system.

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Video: MOBOTIX v25

In this video we provide a comprehensive overview of the MOBOTIX v25 indoor dome camera.

As the fourth camera in the indoor range, the v25 turns out to be a valuable addition as it includes a couple of unique features that makes it somewhat more flexible in terms of installation when compared to the - i25, c25 and p25.

Anyway, without further ado here's our video overview of MOBOTIX brand new v25 camera...

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MxAnalytics: Behavioral Detection Tools

MOBOTIX offers 7 analysis tools that can monitor specific behaviors. The tools are available with the following cameras - c25, Q25 and S15M.

Once enabled they can be configured to alert you of specific events such a "wrong direction", "moving too quickly", "loitering", "restricted area" and so on.

Available free of charge the behavioral analysis tools are fully managed by the camera - no NVR or software is required.

The analysis tools are a powerful time saving feature that adds real value to your MOBOTIX system.
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How to change font size and color in the camera image.

MOBOTIX cameras provide on screen text display so you can quickly verify device errors and the camera status.

One of the most common questions we recieve relating to this feature is - "can you increase the font size?"

The answer is yes you can, and within the camera's Text and Display settings you can also do a whole lot more.

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MOBOTIX outdoor camera range

MOBOTIX reputation for building high quality cameras was partly defined by a commitment to create devices that can be installed directly out-of-the box and into any outdoor environment.

With the advent of its first outdoor-rated camera, the M1, MOBOTIX anticipated this unique approach would be embraced by the market - and they were right!

In this article we delve into the design philosophy behind MOBOTIX outdoor cameras.

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