What’s new in MxManagementCenter 1.2?

If you haven't installed MxManagementCenter 1.2 then no doubt you're curious as to its new features and issues.

Here are a few things you should be aware of...

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T25 Camera Module: Setup Remote Connection

This tutorial is a follow on from T25 Camera Module: Setup Local Connection, which explains how to configure your T25 for local network access. Please refer to that tutorial before proceeding with this one.

In this follow up tutorial we show you how to setup remote (Internet) access to the T25 so that you can receive notifications to your mobile phone using the MX App.

To get started all you need is a T25 connected to a PoE network switch and network router.

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T25 Camera Module: Setup Local Connection

When connecting your T25 camera module to a local computer network there is a set procedure that needs to be followed to ensure trouble free connectivity. 

MxInstaller is revisiting this old subject because we are still receiving requests for support from end users who are having trouble performing a basic setup of the T25 camera and getting it connected to the network. Practically all of these issues are caused when the Auto Configuration process is bypassed.

The Auto Config is only required for the T25 camera which often causes the confusion.

In this step-by-step tutorial we are going to show you how to setup your T25 in the right way.

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MxManagementCenter v1.2: How To Use The Post VM function

With the released of MxMC 1.2, a new Post Video Motion Detection feature is now available.

This allows you to to search for movement inside predefined windows within the camera's field of view during video playback.

The Post VM function combined with the 60x fast playback feature allows you to quickly find missing assets and other anomalies in less than half the time.

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v25 On-Wall Kit with 2-way audio

MOBOTIX has released an optional On-Wall Kit which adds 2-way audio functionality to the v25 Indoor dome camera and also enables the camera to be installed onto hardened surfaces such as brick and concrete.

2-way audio introduces an array of advantages allowing instant communication with anyone onsite and provides audio/video recording audio, plus alarm triggering based on predefined noise levels.
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MxManagementCenter v1.2: Using the Histogram and Export bar to speed up exporting.

By combining the new Event Histogram with the Export bar feature, the search and export workflow within MxManagementCenter has never been easier.

Using these two features in conjunction allows you to quickly pin point a specific time and then drag the correct sequence into the Export bar and export as an MxPEG or AVI file for instant distribution of the video evidence.

Note: to complete this tutorial you will need MxManagementCenter 1.2, and the cameras connected to the system must have software version MX-V4.4.0.31 (or higher) installed.

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MxManagementCenter v1.2: introduction to the Event Histogram

In version 1.2 of MxManagementCenter a new Event viewing feature has been introduced that displays the system's database of alarm events in a new way.

In essence this new Event Histogram provides a graphical overview of the camera's event triggers and recordings for faster analysis and searching, enabling users to see events from a graphical timeline perspective. Anomalies in alarm events can now be easily identified. 

The new Event Histogram feature is managed by the camera and stored within its internal microSD card, so a dedicated NVR or PC is not required for this.
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