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IP Video Surveillance Smart Guide
This interactive ebook includes 27 audio tutorials and animated graphics for easy learning.

Planning a security camera system that protects people, secures assets and increases productivity requires a specific process that has, for the first time, been simplified into 7 easy to follow steps. This is a planning guide even the most non-technical person can follow.

About the author:
Since 1999, Simon Hall has successfully helped hundreds of installers and end users design and deploy CCTV, IP video and access security systems globally.

Available now for $5.99:
Apple iOS/OS X edition


MxInstaller Handbook 2015 - beta
This book is the most powerful guide available for the MOBOTIX camera range.

In addition to the 56 embedded audio tutorials, the MxInstaller Handbook offers a product chooser that allows you to select modules, sensors and lenses.  Once your selections are entered, the resulting product code is then automatically displayed.

The Handbook is available free of charge from the Apple iTunes store and is viewable on an Apple iPad/iPhone and Mac.

For more info go to MxInstaller Handbook Information Page



MxInstaller Magazine Issue 12, 2014
MxInstaller magazine is available in PDF format, which you can download the PDF version by clicking "Add to Cart".

In this 86-page issue:

- MxControlCenter Quick Setup Guide
- Special NAS Setup-To-Record Tutorial
- Introductory Guide to MOBOTIX iOS App, with Tutorials
- Lee Badman wireless expert gives advice on IP Video WiFi design
- SD Card Selection and Setup Guide

PLUS: Improved Quick Find Product Guide and Video Tutorial Library

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MxControlCenter Starter Guide
This easy-to-follow guide to MxControlCenter covers every inch of MOBOTIX’ advanced management software interface.

We provide an overview of all the main features packed into the most recent release of MxControlCenter, v2.5.3.5, diving into what you need to do for a basic installation. We offer in-depth descriptions of key features and show you how to:

- add local & remote cameras
- setup recording & alarms
- perform search/playback
- find & export
- exporting for evidence
- setting up alarms and motion detection
- create users & groups
- configure multi-monitor displays

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MxApp Starter Guide

Without doubt, MxApp is the most powerful Apple® iOS app available for MOBOTIX systems.

Within this 34 page Starter Guide we will walk you through all the MxApp features and show you how to:
- connect your Apple® devices with your MOBOTIX cameras
- add cameras to MxApp
- setup for remote (Internet) camera connection
  (includes router and DNS setup)
search and playback recorded events
setup event notifications
- initiate global updates across all your iOS devices.

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MOBOTIX Starter Guide
This downloadable book is a must have guide for new users, who want to know how to set up a MOBOTIX camera system from scratch.

This is a collection of all the key material we’ve written in the last year on camera configuration and enabling the essential functions.

We offer tips to make the most of some of the latest features along with troubleshooting guides.  We’ve also thrown in 9 key video tutorial to help you get your first system up and running quickly.

Within 44-pages we navigate you through the camera’s web interface, MxControlCenter and MxEasy>

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IP Surveillance Starter Guide
An e-Book designed for non-technical decision makers who want to successfully complete the planning phase of a video surveillance system.

This is absolutely the right place to start if you are new to IP video surveillance technologies.

We walk you through the planning process using 7 key questions that will ensure you are well prepared and ready to make an informed decision as to which cameras, storage and VMS (recording software) will best suit your application.

We’ve also thrown in expert video tutorials which will help move video surveillance novices closer to system planning mastery.

NOTE: this PDF is now out of date, and has been replaced with a new enhanced ebook IP Video Surveillance Smart Guide

ANPR Setup Guide version 2.0
Learn how to correctly configure a MOBOTIX camera for ANPR applications. Topics covered include:

- camera/lens selection and angles
- correct camera configuration
- IR illumination selection and positioning
- correct camera settings for ANPR/LPR
- boosting the camera's frame rates

Plus we have include 3 key tutorials:
1. Automated Exposure Settings
2. Exposure Windows and Exposure Time
3. Improving Frame Rates (tips and tricks)

The above 3 tutorials are a must read for both ANPR and general surveillance installations. Get it now for only $5.99
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MxInstaller Magazine Issue 11, 2014

In this 88-page issue of MxInstaller magazine...

• What does "HD Quality" Really Mean?
• News - introduction to 15-series and 4 exciting new accessories
• Storage Guide - making the right choice
• Introduction to MxActivitySensor - 10-page guide
• Troubleshooting PoE Failure
• Searchable Product Guide - new faster search layout.
(Last updated on 9 December 2013)

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