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MxManagementCenter v1.3 now available :-/

MOBOTIX has announced the release of MxMC version 1.3 and this really is a small step forward.

The new 'pull out' device navigation bar is and 5 other new functions are included alongside 4 bug fixes, however in this article we will be focusing on new features such as the new "navigation bar", and issues cited by installers ...

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MxManagementCenter: Pan Tilt & Zooming (PTZ) and Display Mode

If you want to quickly pan, tilt, zoom within a camera image using MxManagementCenter, it's quite easy to do.

The software gives you the option to use a digital joystick, or you can plug an external hardwired joystick into the MxMC computer if you prefer.

In this tutorial we will show you how to set this up and get ready for instant PTZ on Live or Recorded sequences.

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How to prevent recording errors

Note: This tutorial is for MOBOTIX systems that have been, or will be, setup to record to a PC or NAS.

Recording errors mostly occur through lack of planning or an incorrect configuration thus can be easily avoided - if you know what to look out fo.

Here we have listed 7 items to address that will ensure potential recording issues are avoided.

Correctly adhering to all the advice in this tutorial will prevent most recording errors, including:

mobotix error 103 searching timestamp
mobotix error sequence folder is missing
mobotix error 401
mobotix error #50
EVENT REC Event ramdisk erased
Internal and external head sequence number differ
Missing internal head sequence.
Reset image process’ sequence number
trying to connect recording target
killed hard on time out!
No write permission for “.erdinfo” file!

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Using MOBOTIX cameras for ANPR applications

ANPR is a technology for automatically reading and recording vehicle number plates. This requires the combination of number plate reading software that retains alpha-numeric characters and cameras capable of capturing license plates in all lighting conditions.

Correct application of the basic steps outlined in this article will ensure your MOBOTIX camera will capture the highest quality images for accurate number plate capture.

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How to make sure your cameras are time synchronized

When cameras on the system are all perfectly time synchronized the recorded video is going to be correctly time stamped. This ensures all time-based searching and playback is accurate allowing you to find the right alarm events quickly.

Cameras that are not time synchronized will cause video management issues so setting up time sync is extremely important and should be implemented into every installation.

There are a number of different ways to synchronize your cameras. In this tutorial we will show you a very simple method that requires no additional equipment other than an Internet connection.

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Introduction to MxWeb

The MOBOTIX camera web interface has an easy-to-use player that enables you to search and playback recorded events via a HTML5 supported web browser. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari are suitable.

MxWeb is an ideal option for clients who may not want to install a viewing client to live and recorded video. 

By default MxWeb is not enabled and in this article we show you how to to set it up and navigate the user interface. 

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How to send Alarm Notifications to your email account

MOBOTIX cameras can be configured to send alarm notifications directly to email. This is a useful option for site managers or anyone who may need want to receive constant alarm updates remotely via their email account.

In this tutorial we will show you how to receive emails from your cameras to a Gmail account but the same process can be applied for any type email service.

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