MxInstaller provides the latest reviews, how-to tutorials and expert commentary on MOBOTIX IP cameras, software and related technologies.

MxInstaller started in 2007 as an electronic newsletter comprised of small articles about IP video, storage and networking. What began as a part-time hobby from home and a handful of readers quickly grew.  Today MxInstaller has became one of the most widely read publications in the security industry, with subscribers in over 80 countries.

During 2007 requests for a printed version began to pour in from installers who had been printing off the articles and handing them out to their  customers.

In February 2008, Simon decided to launch MxInstaller as a printed magazine.  With no prior experience in publishing, the first edition was published seven weeks later in April 2008. The cost to print and circulate the magazine was absorbed entirely by The IP Academy (i.e. Simon's personal bank account) during its first 18 months.

After burning through $25,000 demand for the magazine increased which eventually attracted advertisers. According to Simon, cash flow was touch and go in the early days, "we almost closed shop many times within the first year, as any incoming revenue had to be ploughed back into the magazine to cover costs and increase the publication's circulation". Assistance from advertisers and sponsors came in 2010, enabling MxInstaller magazine to expand from humble beginnings in Australia, into Asia, North America and Europe.

The opinions expressed in MxInstaller magazine are our own.  All products reviewed by MxInstaller are provided on a loan basis from suppliers or purchased, for the purpose of bench testing and review. Most of our articles and video content are made available free-of-charge to the global community of users, installers and integrators.

All MxInstaller content is owned exclusively by The IP Academy Pty Ltd in Australia and all content is protected by international © copyright law. All Rights Reserved.

The MxInstaller publications and its registered trademark are independently owned by The IP Academy Pty Ltd.

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    Tony Gliatta April 21, 2017 at 7:36 AM #

    Hello, My name is Tony Gliatta and I am a Solution Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta in Ramsey NJ. You are probably aware the Konica Minolta has purchased 65% share of Mobotix AG. I have been asked to launch Mobotix to our North American sales channels. I have a daunting task ahead of me as I will need to educate our field both sales and pre-sale technical not only on Mobotix but the IP camera industry as a whole. I came across your YouTube site and I am hoping to discus the possibility of using some of your materials in my training curriculum as well as several of your eBooks. The first video i saw that really peaked my interest was the “difference between CCTV and IP Cameras” I am very interested in anything that help me teach the basics of the industry. The eBooks on Mobotix are also very intriguing. I would enjoy speaking with you about the possibilities, please feel free to contact me at 201-934-4653(office) or tgliatta@kmbs.konicaminolta.us

    Thank you for your time,


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