Sharing video footage with non-technical clients


How do you enable customers to quickly playback recorded footage if they can't use the system or don't have access to it?

In this tutorial we will show you a very simple workflow that many experienced installers use, enabling even the most technically challenged person to playback MxPEG sequences from anywhere - instantly.

This method is especially useful for handing over footage to the authorities...

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MxInstaller MiQuote app launched


MxInstaller MiQuote lets you select and configure MOBOTIX devices, add them to cart, then export in a ready-to-quote format using your smart phone or tablet!

Save 75% of the time you would normally spend searching, configuring and obtaining quotes on MOBOTIX devices.

This user friendly app is available for iPhone, iPad and soon to be released for Android.

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MOBOTIX MxManagementCenter 1.1.1 – new features


Last week MOBOTIX announced yet another update, MxManagementCenter 1.1.1.

In this newest release MOBOTIX has included cool features that improve - video exporting, vPTZ mode and alarm notification display.

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Understanding and using Multi-Stream Transport (MST)


With the launch of DisplayPort 1.2 multiple monitors can be connected (daisy chained) via a single DisplayPort connector.

The technology that actually enables this is called Multi-Stream Transport (MST).

The advantage to using MST is that it's convenient and lowers the overall  cost of installing multi-display systems.

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MOBOTIX Software Update MX-V4.3.4.83

mobotix MX-V43483

This new software update has been touted as "unified" by MOBOTIX in part because it applies to all 24/14/25/15-series cameras fitted with the PXA 320 (P3) processor.

As with all software releases, MX-V4.3.4.83 is available directly through the MOBOTIX software downloads area.

The upgrade includes extended pre-alarm recording times, expanded optical options for dual lens Thermal devices and more...

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DisplayPort vs. HDMI – which is best for multi-monitor display?


Which interface standard is best for displaying dozens of camera streams to several monitors from the one computer?

Since 2011 vendors such as Intel, AMD, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LG have gradually phased out VGA and DVI so the choice has been whittled down to two options - HDMI and DisplayPort.

Both are well known and extremely well supported. We consider what each of the two interfaces offer and how they compare.

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How to setup a video wall in MxManagementCenter


In MxManagementCenter you can setup a Grid Layout view over as many display monitors as the computer can support.

MxMC will automatically detect all of the monitors connected to your PC or Mac and then allow you to organize your layouts accordingly.

You can display grid views, graphical maps and hot spot monitors in any combination.

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