How setup start/stop recording in your MOBOTIX camera using softbuttons


This tutorial is for anyone wanting to setup manually activated start/stop recording within a MOBOTIX camera.

You can achieve this using the MOBOTIX ExtIO and other external hardware switching devices. However in this tutorial we are going to show you the fastest and most cost effective way using Softbuttons, an absolutely brilliant feature found within the MOBOTIX camera web interface.

Upon completion of this tutorial the camera recording can be instantly turned on and off by simply clicking a custom icon from within the camera’s Live View.

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Drawing a line between Data storage and Surveillance recording

storage vs data

Since the early 1990′s network attached storage has been a favorite for storing and sharing files between users on a network.

In the year 2000 decentralized IP camera systems hit the market for the first time which meant Linux based storage such as NAS became a viable alternative to Windows, mainly because a centralized recording software application (VMS) was no longer needed.

The allure of running Linux has had everything to do with stability. Linux is a lot more stable than Windows and especially so with surveillance recording.

NAS has since become so popular for surveillance applications, every storage vendor is now re-branding their solutions as surveillance-ready hoping to cash in on this burgeoning market.

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This hybrid solution will power your MOBOTIX system using both sun and wind


A new hybrid system has been launched out of Germany which converts power from both sun and wind allowing energy to be harvested regardless of the geographical location, season or time of day.  What makes this particular solution so unique is that it’s been developed specifically for MOBOTIX cameras by people who also are MOBOTIX specialists.

Usually alternative energy products are launched with “greenwash” marketing labels, but the key motivation for buying this particular solution would be convenience.  People will want it if and when they need to mount and power devices in locations where the required infrastructure is not readily available.

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What you should know about Shellshock vulnerability


If your MOBOTIX system is recording to NAS that is connected to an Internet router then listen up because Shellshock is getting quite NASty

Shellshock is a popular nick name given to a vulnerability found in the Bash Shell (Bourne Again SHell) command-line interpreter which is used in most, not all, but most Linux devices.  Bash was released by Brian Fox in 1989 as a hackable open source replacement to Unix’s Bourne shell. It quickly gained popularity mainly because it was more flexible and license free.  The vulnerability in Bash is basically an open door for hackers to remotely run code directly onto a Linux system and create havoc.

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MOBOTIX Release Camera Software Upgrade MX-V4.2.1.61


To get the best performance out of your MOBOTIX camera system you should make sure you’re always running the very latest camera software available.

But it’s not just about performance and stability, keeping the software up to date also ensures your system has the latest features and enhancements.

The previous camera software update MX-V4.2.1.43 released in June of this year brought a raft of new features for the 25/15-series cameras.

The good news is MX-V4.2.1.61 brings many of the new functions to the 14/24-series along with some important bug fixes.

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Watch this IP camera accurately detect motion to a distance of 550 meters!


This demo is compelling.  Two megapixel IP cameras are setup on a landing strip to test motion detection accuracy in an outdoor setting.

Distances are marked along the field in 50 meter (164 feet) increments from the cameras.  The cameras are configured with Day, Night and Thermal sensors.

When the subject walks backwards and forwards between the markers, the camera detects both the movement and direction of movement up to 550 meters (1800 feet).  Even when the subject is a mere speck in the distance the camera still accurately detects and triggers the motion.

You really have to see it to believe it…

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What is a “surveillance class” hard drive?


No one can argue the fact that enterprise-class drives are a good fit for video surveillance applications, however they cost around 60% more than standard drives which is a substantial increase in your storage budget.

This year several hard drive vendors have begun offering an alternative in the form of surveillance-class drives which cater to the demands of video recording at a substantially lower cost. They also include the added goodness of enterprise-class features.

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