Video Surveillance Hard Drive Bench Test


Selecting the right storage device for your surveillance system is of course an important decision.

A major component is the hard drive, and for this reason "desktop" drives should never be used in an environment where constant IP video recording is needed.

Catering to the growing surveillance storage market the two major players have expanded their surveillance-class range of drives, which cost 50% less than Enterprise drives and are designed to cater to the high writing demands of megapixel cameras.

Here we compare the two most popular surveillance products, Western Digital's Purple vs. Seagate's Surveillance HDD, by performing a 5-hour bench test. 

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What’s new in MxManagementCenter v1.1.0 ?


MOBOTIX has announced the release of MxManagementCenter v1.1.0, an update that focuses on performance and stability rather than headline features.

It does seem more responsive, as promised, and has run like a champ since we've made the upgrade.

This latest revision introduces new features that enhance both the live video display and playback of stored footage.

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Synology DS215j – perfect for those small jobs

Synology DS215j review mxinstaller

If you are looking for a low cost NAS for a small-sized installation then the DS215j would be a good place to start.

While the Synology DS215j is an entry-level product, the 2-bay NAS isn't lacking any of the things needed for a small surveillance system.

As is the case with most NAS devices these days, it can accept two 3.5" or 2.5" hard disks.

Under the hood is an Marvell Armada 375 CPU which is based on the ARM 9 dual-core processor technology.

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Asustor AS-204T – a solid workhorse and great value


If you haven't heard of Asustor, they're a storage company founded by tech-giant ASUS in 2011.

Their AS-204T NAS is not new, but worth mentioning as it's a quiet achiever that's well positioned in terms of price and features.

While the device lacks the external finish of the more expensive alternatives, for under $320 you're getting a solid 4-bay performer with all the essentials to meet the needs of a small sized MOBOTIX camera system.

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QNAP’s new 10-bay NAS is a power house!

QNAP TVS-EC1080+ mxinstaller

With a maximum 80TB capacity and super high write speed this enterprise NAS will not disappoint.

The QNAP TVS-EC1080+ packs in hardware features that will cater to any professional surveillance system.

For just over $3,000 you're getting an Intel® Xeon® Quad-core CPU and a stupendous 1500MB/sec write speed @ RAID 5/6, (drives not included).

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6 new Behavioral Alarms in MxAnalytics


MxAnalytics® the MOBOTIX in-camera people counting software has been further enhanced with 6 brand new "behavioral alarm" types.

Real time alerting can now be configured based on varying types of behaviors including speed, change in direction and loitering.

We explain what each alarm triggers does and show you where they're located...

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Seagate announces 8TB Surveillance HDD


Seagate is first to market with an 8TB 3.5-inch Surveillance HDD designed for 24/7 security camera recording and it's expected to sell for around $385, (about half what you'd expect to pay for an 8TB Enterprise-class drive).

The official line is the drive will be able to store "over 800 hours of high-definition video recorded from up to 64 cameras simultaneously".

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