MOBOTIX i25 – son of Q25


Known for manufacturing premium quality devices aimed at the professional-end of town, MOBOTIX has released a new IP camera for the budget-driven buyer.

The all new i25 Hemispheric camera has been released to the market at a price that is 33% lower than its bigger brother the MOBOTIX Q25.

The differences between the i25 and the higher priced Q25 are surprisingly fewer than you’d imagine considering the large variance in price.

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Security Manager’s Guide Claims “A Dangerous and Mass Movement Is Underway…”


A “security manager’s guide” has made the astounding claim that a dangerous and mass movement is underway in the security industry.

The document identifies 11 vendors that form part of this “dangerous movement”.

We examine why they have been implicated and look at the evidence presented.

Hint: it’s not bribery, corruption or terrorism.  So what could it possibly be?

You won’t believe it…

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MxInstaller Magazine Issue #12 – Out Now!


MxInstaller Magazine Issue #12, is available for download now.

In this 86-page issue:

- MxControlCenter Quick Setup Guide
– Special NAS Setup-To-Record Tutorial
– Introductory Guide to MOBOTIX  App, with Tutorials
– Professor gives advice on Surveillance WiFi design
– SD Card Selection and Setup Guide

Improved Quick Find Product Guide – finding MOBOTIX devices and accessories has never been easier.

We’ve also included a newly catalogued Video Tutorial Library.

This is a must have publication for all users of the MOBOTIX system.

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MOBOTIX D15D – the core components


Following the success of the S15D and M15D core components series, we’ve launched this new program for beginners covering all the key components available for the D15D dual lens IP dome cameras.

From lens units, device options and mounts we cover it all in a 6-minute video tutorial.

We explain the product codes for the video devices and accessories to help you choose the right components before ordering.

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MOBOTIX M15D – the core components


In this short program for beginners we outline all the key components and options available for the M15D camera models.

From lenses to sensor modules and mounts we cover it all within a 6-minute video tutorial.

We explain the product codes for the video devices and accessories to help you choose the right setup before ordering.

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Upgrade your MOBOTIX cameras to 5-megapixel with MX-V4.3.0.15


Update: Mx-v4.3.0.15 is available to download today. Here’s an explainer of all the key features.

The MOBOTIX 5-megapixel image sensor is now fully realized with the latest software upgrade.  Once your 25-series or 15-series devices have been upgraded to Mx-V4.3.0.15 they can capture video in 5-megapixel.  In pixels that’s 2592 x 1944 recording resolution.

This new software system update ties everything together with the overarching theme of “converging” all the soft and hard technologies MOBOTIX will be releasing this and next year.

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NEW! MxControlCenter Starter Guide


This easy-to-follow guide covers every inch of MOBOTIX’ advanced management software interface, MxControlCenter.

We provide an overview of all the main features packed into the most recent release of MxControlCenter, v2.5.3.5, diving into what you need to do for a basic installation.

We offer in-depth descriptions of key features and show you how to:
- add local & remote cameras
– setup recording & alarms
– perform search/playback
– find & export for evidence
– setting up alarms and motion detection
– create users & groups
– configure multi-monitor displays
– customize backgrounds, layouts
– and more.

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