MxManagementCenter: how to speed up video search and playback


We receive a lot of enquiries on how to speed up the search and playback performance within MxManagementCenter.

The video management database within MxMC is very efficient, so outside of a sluggish network the only other factor that can negatively impact data retrieval is an incorrect configuration in the software settings.

The trick to achieving fastest possible response times is to configure MxMC so that it's directly accessing recorded video from where it has been stored by the camera.

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MOBOTIX Camera Software Update MX-V4.4.0.31


The latest camera software update from MOBOTIX is available for download and will enhance your MOBOTIX devices in many ways; here's what's new and noteworthy.

A brand new intuitive web interface called MxWeb has been included allowing easy search and playback video via a web browser.

Also included is a new “show live position” function in MxActivitySensor that highlights the position of a moving object to improve controller response times - plus much more...

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MxManagementCenter: How to keep your camera software up to date.


It's important to keep your cameras up to date with the latest software, especially if you want to ensure your system has access to the latest features.

With the launch of MxManagementCenter, camera software maintenance has become even more important as many of the recent camera updates provide expanded functionality and deeper integration of the hardware into the MxMC management client.

Keeping your cameras up to date with the latest software is easy within MxManagementCenter on both PC and Mac, and we are going to show you how to do that...

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The all new MOBOTIX v25 dome camera is now available


 A new indoor dome camera has been announced by MOBOTIX which includes most of the premium features you'd expect in the high end outdoor devices.

The v25 also comes with an array of brand new accessories that cater to a wider range of applications, including a vandal kit to protect your MOBOTIX investment.

This is a welcome new addition and beefs up the already popular Indoor range to a total of 4 cameras - p25, c25, i25, and now the v25.

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The D15 modular platform has been expanded.


The MOBOTIX D15 has an imaging platform that is modular, allowing users to add or swap out the camera's imaging components quickly. This is not only convenient it's also cost effective.

For example, a Day/color image sensor already installed in the D15 can be changed to a Night/b&w sensor within minutes without having to replace the actual camera itself.

However up until now, the Fixed Day/Night and Pano 180˚ models shipped with the imaging components pre-installed into the D15 camera body. Which meant the lenses could be swapped out but not the image sensors.

MOBOTIX has now completely opened up the modular system across all D15 models allowing you to build your own (BYO) Fixed and Pano models. They have done this by making all the imaging components and accessories available as individual product items.

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How to configure image cropping in a MOBOTIX camera


Cropping the camera image is the process of "cutting out" redundant sections of a scene that are not relevant to the areas you want to capture.

The feature is especially effective for significantly reducing the camera's storage, bandwidth and CPU usage. Another bonus to cropping is that it can increase the image frame rate.

To get started you need to launch the MOBOTIX camera's web interface in a browser.

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Using the “Sensor” feature in MxManagementCenter


The MOBOTIX management software MxManagementCenter has a "Sensor" feature that enables video from dual lens cameras (e.g. D15/M15) to be displayed as a two-in-one stream or as two individual video streams.

This allows you to be more granular in the way you display video as individual lenses within a dual lens device can be placed in different grid layout views.

"Sensor" is found with the MxMC Camera Management panel. Let's take a look at how to configure the Sensor feature.

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