IP Video Surveillance Smart Guide


If you are a non-technical decision maker wanting to buy a security camera system and unsure where to begin, then this guide is for you. Designed for non-technical decision makers our latest ebook is the first of its kind in the security industry. This enhanced edition includes 27 auto tutorials and animated graphics to speed up the learning process.
After completing the 7 questions and fast-learn audio tutorials provided, a non-technical person will be able to create a basic system specification for quotation.
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The MxInstaller Handbook – Out Now


The most powerful guide ever released for the MOBOTIX range of hardware devices is available right now from the Apple iTunes store – at no cost. In addition to the 56 embedded audio tutorials, the MxInstaller Handbook offers a product chooser that allows you to select modules, sensors and lenses. Once your selections are entered, the resulting product code is then automatically displayed. In this article we provide a tutorial on how to navigate the Mxinstaller Handbook and highlight the key features.

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MOBOTIX Software Update MX-V-


This latest software update is compatible with all 24/14 and 25/25 series cameras including Thermal models.  This is also the first update available for the brand new c25 indoor hemispheric camera.
One of the new enhancements is MxAnalytics, (what is?) being available now for all 25-series models. However it should be noted that to use MxAnalytics for accurate people counting the camera needs to be ceiling mounted. Wall mounted cameras should only be used with the heat mapping feature.
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MOBOTIX Moonlight Technology – FAQs


After a spate of questions from the community about the MOBOTIX Moonlight Technology, we have decided to post another tutorial which provides further clarification on what the new 6 megapixel platform offers.
This latest video tutorial explains how the new 6MP devices are positioned in relation to the existing 5MP range, and how the Moonlight Technology compares with other High Dynamic Range IP camera technologies.

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MxInstaller videos now with English subtitles


Here at MxInstaller we have been busy adding English captions/subtitles to our YouTube videos. This allows viewers from non-English speaking countries, who are not fluent in spoken English, to comprehend our video content more easily. The subtitles can be turned on or off within the YouTube player, according to your preference, by clicking the CC icon.
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The MxInstaller Handbook – preview

The MxInstaller Handbook

MxInstaller is set to launch a new series of interactive digital publications. (UPDATE: The Handbook is now available from the  iTunes Store). This first publication to be released is The MxInstaller Handbook,  which will be a quarterly iPad/iMac magazine aimed at MOBOTIX users and installers. The MxInstaller Handbook is the most comprehensive MOBOTIX product guide available and will include audio tutorials, product configurators and a search filter tool to help readers find the right MOBOTIX products quickly.
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MOBOTIX 5MP to 6MP upgrade without having to buy a new camera!


With the latest software update from MOBOTIX (MX-V4.3.2.53), you can upgrade all M15, and most D15/S15 cameras to the new MOBOTIX 6 megapixel “moonlight” technology. (D15/S15 that shipped from the MOBOTIX factory before 6th Nov 2014 are not compatible with the 6MP sensors). If you have 15-series cameras already installed and you want to improve the low light performance of those devices, the most efficient way is to upgrade to the 6 megapixel platform.

The best part is you can perform the hardware upgrade without having to replace the entire camera!
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