MOBOTIX Announces New Software, Mounts and Thermal Radiometry


MOBOTIX has announced software updates incorporating an improved version of MxManagementCenter.

There's also some exciting new devices and accessories to be rolled out over the next few weeks, including surface mounts for the c25/p25.

The revolutionary MxDisplay has been given a complete overhaul, sporting new hardware and the thermal camera range has a new addition.

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Integrating MOBOTIX with other VMS Systems

Integrating MOBOTIX with other VMS systems

Video Management Software, or VMS as it’s otherwise
 known is a technology that’s required in every single video
 surveillance system.

VMS provides three core services - database management for easy search and playback, plus storage and alarm management. Without VMS you really don't have a viable surveillance system.

You can 
purchase VMS in the form of licensed pay-per-camera software and self install the applications onto a Windows PC. Alternatively you can buy a bundled solution known as an NVR, which is a pre-packaged PC with VMS pre-installed.

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MOBOTIX Appeal Broadens With New Releases


Since the beginning of this year there's been a rapid migration of small-system installers into the MOBOTIX community.

This is interesting because historically the cornerstone of the MOBOTIX community has been built upon project-based integrators specialize in deploying high-end systems and large-scale sites. 

But now we're seeing a huge influx of new installers who specialize in small projects. We believe there are two primary factors that have contributed to this new trend.

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MOBOTIX Day and Night Technology


Why doesn't MOBOTIX doesn't offer a single lens Day/Night camera? 

If you've ever asked that question - don't worry you're not alone. It comes up quite often within the MOBOTIX community.

The answer to the question lies in MOBOTIX continued adherence to its design philosophy of no moving parts...

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How to Prevent MOBOTIX SD Card Recording Issues


MOBOTIX IP cameras can be setup to record to 128GB micro SD cards.

However when upgrading the MOBOTIX factory fitted 4GB micro SD to a larger capacity card, a few basic yet important steps need to be followed.

While the MOBOTIX flash storage file system MxFFS provides a robust environment, MOBOTIX SD card recording issues can occur if the correct installation and formatting procedures have not been carried out.

Long term trouble-free stability requires a high quality micro SD card that has been correctly formatted. Which cards are best for MOBOTIX cameras? And what is the correct installation procedure?
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MOBOTIX Announce New 6MP Cameras and Indoor Audio Kits

mobotix audiokits-mxinstaller-handbook-TN

If you’ve visited the MOBOTIX website recently you may have noticed that all single lens cameras are now equipped

 with the 6 megapixel Moonlight Technology. 

This is great news for MOBOTIX customers because it means you are getting much higher image quality and better value for money.

So what does this mean for the current 5 megapixel single lens cameras? 

According to MOBOTIX they will remain in the range "until stocks last".
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MxFFS Archive Storage – FAQs answered


MxFFS Archive is a recording failover feature, ensuring the MOBOTIX cameras can provide 24/7 recording uptime with no loss of footage.

When MxFFS Archive has been enabled in the camera, the video is written to the camera's internal SD card and then archived to the file server (e.g. PC/Server, NAS). If connection to the external server is lost, the recordings are saved to the SD card.

When reconnection to the file server is made, the video stored on the SD card is archived to the file server.

Here at MxInstaller we've received a raft of questions
 from end users and installers about MxFFS Archive, which we answer in this tutorial.
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