MOBOTIX M15D – the core components

M15D the core components

In this short program for beginners we outline all the key components and options available for the M15D camera models.

From lenses to sensor modules and mounts we cover it all within a 6-minute video tutorial.

We explain the product codes for the video devices and accessories to help you choose the right setup before ordering.

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Upgrade your MOBOTIX cameras to 5-megapixel with MX-V4.3.0.15


Update: Mx-v4.3.0.15 is available to download today. Here’s an explainer of all the key features.

The MOBOTIX 5-megapixel image sensor is now fully realized with the latest software upgrade.  Once your 25-series or 15-series devices have been upgraded to Mx-V4.3.0.15 they can capture video in 5-megapixel.  In pixels that’s 2592 x 1944 recording resolution.

This new software system update ties everything together with the overarching theme of “converging” all the soft and hard technologies MOBOTIX will be releasing this and next year.

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NEW! MxControlCenter Starter Guide


This easy-to-follow guide covers every inch of MOBOTIX’ advanced management software interface, MxControlCenter.

We provide an overview of all the main features packed into the most recent release of MxControlCenter, v2.5.3.5, diving into what you need to do for a basic installation.

We offer in-depth descriptions of key features and show you how to:
- add local & remote cameras
- setup recording & alarms
- perform search/playback
- find & export for evidence
- setting up alarms and motion detection
- create users & groups
- configure multi-monitor displays
- customize backgrounds, layouts
- and more.

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Is an “open platform” surveillance system non-proprietary?

Open Platform is proprietary

Following part one of this video series, we delve deeper into the differences between “open platform ” and “non-proprietary” systems.

An open platform system is appealing.  It conveys the idea of “not being locked in”, offering more choice.

Some manufacturers of “open platform software” are claiming their systems are “non-proprietary”.  The question is, are these systems really non-proprietary?

In this article we investigate these claims to see whether they’re real or imagined.

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“Proprietary” is not a dirty word


In part one of this video series we delve into the commonly used terminologies, “open platform system”, “non-proprietary”, “open standards” and how they relate to video surveillance.

Our less-than-5-minute video presentation answers these important questions:
- what is an open platform system?
- does “open platform” and “non-proprietary” mean the same thing?

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Preventing database errors with MxFFS Archive Storage


Recording database corruption isn’t exactly an attention grabber except when it brings your surveillance system to a grinding halt. A mussed up database renders a system totally unusable until repaired – if it can be repaired at all.

How often do database problems occur?  More often than most will admit and the subject, if mentioned at all, is buried deep inside a software user manual.  The number one cause of a compromised database is an NVR that has been abruptly shutdown through power failure or user intervention.

With the introduction of MxFFS Archive Storage, MOBOTIX is addressing this issue head on by making the camera’s internal microSD card, rather than the central recording device, the primary storage target.  This is a profound and efficient way to resolve an issue that has plagued security camera systems for years.

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Can a MOBOTIX camera record to a 128GB SD card?


With the advent of the 128GB microSD card, in-camera recording has become a viable alternative to external storage.

While the amount of traffic and movement in the scene would impact the storage requirements, in most cases 128GB will suffice.  For example we’ve found when our MOBOTIX D25 camera records 250-300 motion-based events at 12 frames/second @ 1.3 megapixel resolution (3 sec pre-alarm and 6-sec post-alarm), it uses around 2GB of storage per day.

By upgrading your hardware with the latest camera software release and following our setup procedure, your MOBOTIX system can deliver trouble-free recording to larger capacity cards.

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