Video: MOBOTIX v25


In this video we provide a comprehensive overview of the MOBOTIX v25 indoor dome camera.

As the fourth camera in the indoor range, the v25 turns out to be a valuable addition as it includes a couple of unique features that makes it somewhat more flexible in terms of installation when compared to the - i25, c25 and p25.

Anyway, without further ado here's our video overview of MOBOTIX brand new v25 camera...

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MOBOTIX Behavioral Detection Tools


MOBOTIX offers 7 analysis tools that can monitor specific behaviors. The tools are available with the following cameras - c25, Q25 and S15M.

Once enabled they can be configured to alert you of specific events such a "wrong direction", "moving too quickly", "loitering", "restricted area" and so on.

Available free of charge the behavioral analysis tools are fully managed by the camera - no NVR or software is required.

The analysis tools are a powerful time saving feature that adds real value to your MOBOTIX system.
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How to change font size and color in the camera image.


MOBOTIX cameras provide on screen text display so you can quickly verify device errors and the camera status.

One of the most common questions we recieve relating to this feature is - "can you increase the font size?"

The answer is yes you can, and within the camera's Text and Display settings you can also do a whole lot more.

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MOBOTIX outdoor camera range


MOBOTIX reputation for building high quality cameras was partly defined by a commitment to create devices that can be installed directly out-of-the box and into any outdoor environment.

With the advent of its first outdoor-rated camera, the M1, MOBOTIX anticipated this unique approach would be embraced by the market - and they were right!

In this article we delve into the design philosophy behind MOBOTIX outdoor cameras.

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Upgrading the 4GB microSD card in your MOBOTIX camera to a larger capacity card


The MOBOTIX cameras support the latest microSD technology, from 4GB right up to the new 200GB capacity cards.

Of course there are a number of decisions that need to be factored to ensure you select the right flash media for your MOBOTIX camera. For more information please refer to our comprehensive SD Card Guide.

Once you've selected the right microSD card, the process of swapping out the factory fitted 4GB card to a higher capacity card is quite straight forward. In saying that, a specific set of steps need to be followed to ensure the larger card will operate correctly.

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MxManagementCenter: how to speed up video search and playback


We receive a lot of enquiries on how to speed up the search and playback performance within MxManagementCenter.

The video management database within MxMC is very efficient, so outside of a sluggish network the only other factor that can negatively impact data retrieval is an incorrect configuration in the software settings.

The trick to achieving fastest possible response times is to configure MxMC so that it's directly accessing recorded video from where it has been stored by the camera.

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MOBOTIX Camera Software Update MX-V4.4.0.31


The latest camera software update from MOBOTIX is available for download and will enhance your MOBOTIX devices in many ways; here's what's new and noteworthy.

A brand new intuitive web interface called MxWeb has been included allowing easy search and playback video via a web browser.

Also included is a new “show live position” function in MxActivitySensor that highlights the position of a moving object to improve controller response times - plus much more...

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