Introducing the MOBOTIX App (MxApp) Starter Guide – first edition


Version 1.2.6 is the latest version of the MOBOTIX App (MxApp), available here, and includes functions that makes it by far the most powerful Apple® iOS app for the MOBOTIX system.

We are proud to introduce this brand new 36-page Starter Guide which will help users get connected and personalize their iOS experience with MOBOTIX cameras.

Once you know how to correctly implement and use MxApp, it will literally transform the way you access and communicate with your MOBOTIX system.  This is why we’ve spent months gathering together a ton of MxApp related FAQs from the community, and compiled the answers into easy-to-follow, numbered step-by-step tutorials.

This all-in-one guide contains everything you need to know…

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MOBOTIX MxApp v1.2.6 update for Apple iOS 7 devices


Version 1.2.6 of the MOBOTIX App (aka MxApp) was recently released to overcome a number of issues faced by MOBOTIX-loving Apple® users.

The update contains “bug fixes” for the newly released Apple iOS 7 mobile operating system, one in particular introduces significant improvement when integrated with the MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station.

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MOBOTIX range heats up with the M15D-Thermal Camera


Fans of the M15D model now have more reason to celebrate. The recently released M15D-Thermal camera houses a thermal sensor module with the option to add a secondary optical sensor module.

While the thermal module is fixed, users can choose what type of secondary module is used – so you can back up your thermal sensor with either a Day/Color or Night/Black & White sensor. This combination may prove to be surveillance gold for many individuals and businesses. Thermal sensors are ideal for detecting people in low light situations or where the scene is littered with obstacles such as bushes and fences, behind which would-be criminals cannot hide thanks to the advanced thermal imaging technology.

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MOBOTIX releases MX-V4.1.10.35 update with further MxLEO enhancements and improved Window Function management


If you want to further improve the lowlight performance of your MOBOTIX camera, then this new software release is most definitely the right place to start.

MOBOTIX has released this important update for both the 15-series and 25-series cameras. It includes 3 new light optimisation functions that deliver a noticeable improvement in both image snap-shot and streaming video capture in all lighting conditions.

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Introducing the MOBOTIX ANPR Guide version 2.0 – it’s bigger, it’s better.


With the introduction of the new MOBOTIX hardware platform our Starter Guide team went to work updating our first-generation ANPR Guide book, and now we’re proud to present this second edition.

MOBOTIX ANPR Guide “version 2″ has more than twice the content of “version 1″ and provides a more in-depth process to setting up the latest range of MOBOTIX cameras for license plate recognition (ANPR) applications.

You’ll discover how the new camera software platform impacts the configuration, plus we’ve included additional expert tips and tricks.

To make it even more comprehensive, we’ve also thrown in 3 fantastic new tutorials, which are a must read for all MOBOTIX installers

Within 38 pages we cover topics, commonly asked by MOBOTIX users, which apply to all applications, not only ANPR:

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Troubleshooting MOBOTIX Sensor Module Connection Errors

Troubleshooting Sensor Module Errors

You’ve connected the Sensor Modules to your S14, S15 or M15 but for some reason one, or both of the images are not displaying in the live view, or you’re getting the stop sign error.

Don’t despair, because in most cases the problem is usually caused by a small oversight and so can be easily resolved.

In this 6-minute tutorial we will step you through the most efficient way of identifying and fixing the problem.

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New MOBOTIX Storage Requirements Planner

The MOBOTIX Storage Requirements Planner, is an online tool that enables users to estimate MOBOTIX system bit rates and storage consumption.

The  planner has just been revised, allowing you to generate estimates based on all the old and latest camera models.

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