How to Prevent MOBOTIX SD Card Recording Issues


MOBOTIX IP cameras can be setup to record to 128GB micro SD cards.

However when upgrading the MOBOTIX factory fitted 4GB micro SD to a larger capacity card, a few basic yet important steps need to be followed.

While the MOBOTIX flash storage file system MxFFS provides a robust environment, MOBOTIX SD card recording issues can occur if the correct installation and formatting procedures have not been carried out.

Long term trouble-free stability requires a high quality micro SD card that has been correctly formatted. Which cards are best for MOBOTIX cameras? And what is the correct installation procedure?
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MOBOTIX Announce New 6MP Cameras and Indoor Audio Kits

mobotix audiokits-mxinstaller-handbook-TN

If you’ve visited the MOBOTIX website recently you may have noticed that all single lens cameras are now equipped

 with the 6 megapixel Moonlight Technology. 

This is great news for MOBOTIX customers because it means you are getting much higher image quality and better value for money.

So what does this mean for the current 5 megapixel single lens cameras? 

According to MOBOTIX they will remain in the range "until stocks last".
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MxFFS Archive Storage – FAQs answered


MxFFS Archive is a recording failover feature, ensuring the MOBOTIX cameras can provide 24/7 recording uptime with no loss of footage.

When MxFFS Archive has been enabled in the camera, the video is written to the camera's internal SD card and then archived to the file server (e.g. PC/Server, NAS). If connection to the external server is lost, the recordings are saved to the SD card.

When reconnection to the file server is made, the video stored on the SD card is archived to the file server.

Here at MxInstaller we've received a raft of questions
 from end users and installers about MxFFS Archive, which we answer in this tutorial.
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How To Prevent Break and Enter

break and enter

Imagine after spending good money on a security camera system 
you become the victim of break and enter. Someone breaks into your property, steals items of value and gets away undetected.

We've uploaded actual footage of a break and enter where that very thing happens.  The burglar bypasses a locked sliding door in under two minutes using only a screwdriver, enters the premises and escapes with stolen items in hand. This criminal even knew he was under surveillance but this does not deter him.

In this article we discuss what could have been done to prevent this from happening.
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MOBOTIX Updates – New Video Cable, New Codes and EOL models

mobotix updates

Here's three important MOBOTIX updates you may have missed:
- a new 3m (9.8ft) S15D video cable
- discontinuation of all HD resolution (IT/Basic) models
- all MOBOTIX  cameras are now fitted with the new higher quality Premium (F1.8) lenses.

The new longer video cable for the S15D will be welcomed by installers, who are seeking greater flexibility when installing the S15D sensor modules. The new F1.8 lenses allow the camera to capture higher image quality in lower light levels.
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How To Integrate MOBOTIX Indoor Cameras With Other Devices Using The Mx-Bus-IO-Module


The MxBus-IO-Module is a new expansion board that enables the MOBOTIX Indoor range of cameras to be integrated into electronic devices.

Once installed into an i25, c25 or p25 the camera is then equipped with an MxBus interface, plus 2 inputs and 2 outputs. This allows users to leverage existing powered systems including - lighting, shutters, gates, alarm panels, gates door locks etc.
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MxManagementCenter Now Available For Windows and Mac


The MOBOTIX engineering team designed MxManagementCenter with a cross-platform user experience in mind, and this latest release for both Windows and Mac means that goal is closer to completion. A Linux-compatible version is planned for released later this year.

In addition a new camera software update has also been published to optimize the integration between MOBOTIX cameras and MxManagementCenter.
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