MxApp Tutorial: How To Add Cameras

MOBOTIX App with iPad

Without question the MOBOTIX App (aka MxApp) is the most feature-rich iOS app available for MOBOTIX cameras.

Two key features found within the MOBOTIX App that other MOBOTIX iOS apps don’t offer is Alarming and Tunnelling.
The Alarming feature, enables you to receive alarm notifications directly to your iOS device. The tunnelling feature, automatically reduces the resolution of live streams when you move from WiFi to 3G/4G networks so that you can always receive live video from your mobile device at the highest possible frame rates.

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MOBOTIX Camera: How To Find the Software Version

MOBOTIX camera software version

It’s easy to forget about the IP camera software, but it’s something that should be kept up to date.

This fact is especially important with MOBOTIX cameras because they are VMS-enabled, which means the MOBOTIX camera software upgrades don’t just include the ‘vanilla‘ firmware improvements, they also include advanced upgrades for the camera’s built-in analytics, storage, video and recording management functions.

In this super quick tutorial we are going to show you how to quickly identify what version software your MOBOTIX camera is running. Read More

Troubleshooting MxEasy v1.6.1 OS X “Sandbox” Issue


If you’ve installed MxEasy v.1.6.1 onto your Apple Mac but can’t get it to open - don’t sweat it, the fix is simple.

First to the cause.  The problem is related to Apple’s OS X “sandbox” security mechanism which can prevent MxEasy from launching. If you’ve downloaded MxEasy onto your Mac, but all you’re experience is the MxEasy icon bouncing up and down in the dock, here’s a quick fix to get MxEasy working correctly.

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MOBOTIX Now Offering PTMount for the S14D and S15D


MOBOTIX quietly updated its mounting options with a unique pan-tilt mount for the S14/S15D.  The new MOBOTIX PTMount is an important addition to the three existing S14/S15D mounts being the HaloMount, SurroundMount and DualMount.

The PTMount will delight MOBOTIX experts and novice installers alike.  Its clever 3-way rotating axis allows the camera’s viewing angle to be locked into position at exactly the right point, whether it’s wall or ceiling mounted.

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We’re Hiring! MxInstaller Is Looking For An MX Product Specialist


We rarely do this but we want only the very best, so we’ve decided to approach the MX community first. We’re seeking a Sydney-based Product Specialist to help us create best-of-breed content and training guides for the MOBOTIX community. And we need that person pronto!

Here’s what’s up: As the product specialist of you will have considerable understanding of the MOBOTIX concepts, technology and installation experience with the MOBOTIX products.  Expertise in MxControlCenter, MxApp and the world renowned “MX-V” camera software is a must.

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MOBOTIX Launch Major Software Upgrade In MX-V4.2.1.43


MOBOTIX today announced the release of MX-V4.2.1.43.  This latest release from MOBOTIX is nothing short of momentous.

The new MX-V4.2.1.43 software update is now available for the MOBOTIX M25, D25, M15, D15, V15 and T25 IP Video Door Station.  This major upgrade delivers dramatically enhanced recording and connection security. It also provides extended day and night switching, enhancement to the M15 and S15 Thermal imaging devices and greater illumination management via the MOBOTIX interface boxes.

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MOBOTIX releases update for MxControlCenter


MxControlCenter version was released today and brings with it an important bug fix that addresses a previously known issue to do with video playback over low bandwidth connections - “when playing back or navigating the camera recordings in the player of the sidebar or in the Video Search dialog, the program sometimes crashed.”

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